Adam Mosseri Reveals Hidden Gems and Upcoming Features in Threads

Threads, the innovative text-based app introduced by Meta just one week ago, has already garnered an impressive user base, with over 100 million sign-ups. Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, recently took to video to showcase some of the app’s hidden gems and provide a glimpse into the exciting features that users can look forward to.

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In the video, Mosseri highlights several features that users may have missed while exploring Threads. He demonstrates how to initiate a thread, customize who can reply to your posts, follow other users, mute or unmute specific users, search for users, set time limits for viewing posts, and share content to Instagram seamlessly. These existing features offer users greater control and customization options, facilitating more intimate and engaging conversations within the app.

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In addition to the current features, Instagram is working on several upcoming features for Threads, including:

  • A following feed, which will allow users to view posts exclusively from the accounts they follow.
  • An edit button, which will allow users to make changes to their posts after they have been published.
  • Multiple account support, which will allow users to manage multiple Threads accounts from a single device.
  • Post search and hashtags, which will make it easier to find and discover content in Threads.
  • A web presence, which will allow users to access Threads from their desktop computers.
  • A like list, which will allow users to see a list of all the posts they have liked.
  • Translations, which will allow users to translate Threads posts into other languages.

With these hidden gems and forthcoming features, Threads aims to revolutionize the way users engage in text-based conversations, fostering deeper connections and meaningful interactions.

As Threads continues to evolve, users can expect a host of enhancements that will further refine the app’s functionality and elevate the user experience. Stay tuned for future updates from Meta as they strive to deliver a seamless and captivating text-based platform that empowers users to connect, share, and engage with one another.

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