How to Stop Seeing Threads Posts and Notifications on Instagram

Are you seeing too many Threads popping up in your Instagram feed and notifications? It happens to me too. Threads is fun, but sometimes, it’s just too much when mixed with my Instagram. The good news is, I found ways to stop Threads from showing up everywhere on Instagram. If you’re not into Threads, I’m here to share how you can make your Instagram experience better by controlling what you see.

1. Manually Hide Threads’ Posts and Notifications

Instagram suggests posts based on what we usually like or comment on. But you can tell Instagram you’re not interested in certain posts, like those from Threads. Here’s what I did:

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  • I opened Instagram and found a Threads post.
  • Then, I tapped the three dots next to the post and chose Hide.

This tells Instagram, “Hey, I don’t like this.” And guess what? It works for notifications too. For Threads notifications, I just pressed and held the notification, then chose to turn off similar ones. It’s pretty straightforward.

2. Only See Posts from People I Follow

My feed was full of random posts, including Threads. So, I changed my feed to only show posts from people I actually follow. It’s easy:

  • I opened Instagram and tapped the logo at the top left.
  • Then, I selected Following. Now, I only see posts from my friends, and no Threads in sight.

3. Adjusting My Notification Settings

I decided to tweak my notification settings to stop getting Threads alerts. Here’s how:

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  • I went to my profile, tapped the menu, and went into Settings and privacy.
  • Then, I tapped Notifications and chose From Instagram.
  • From there, I turned off notifications for Product announcements & feedback.

This step cut down on a lot of the noise from Threads and other Instagram notifications.

4. Considering Deactivation of My Threads Account

If you’re like me and not using Threads much, you might just deactivate it:

  • I opened Threads, went to my profile, and hit the menu to find Account settings.
  • I selected Deactivate or delete profile, then Deactivate. And that was it.

This step made a big difference. No more Threads posts or notifications on my Instagram.

Bonus Tip: Keeping My Threads Off Instagram and Facebook

I also found out you can stop your own Threads posts from showing up on Instagram and Facebook. It’s not for everyone, especially if you’re trying to reach more people. But if you prefer keeping them separate, here’s what to do:

  • In Threads, go to Privacy settings.
  • Then, turn off the option to suggest your posts on other apps.

And there you have it. These steps really helped me tailor my Instagram experience, cutting out the Threads noise. If you’re looking to do the same, give these tips a try. It’s all about making social media work for you, not the other way around. Happy browsing!

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