Meta Blocks EU Users from Accessing Threads App via VPN

In response to multiple complaints from EU-based users regarding their inability to access Instagram’s Threads app through VPN, Meta has officially confirmed that it is actively blocking such attempts.

Although Threads was launched just last week, the app is currently unavailable in the EU due to privacy concerns. Meta, in a statement provided to TechCrunch, acknowledged implementing additional measures to prevent users based in Europe from accessing the new social app.

The statement read, “Threads is not currently available in most countries in Europe, and we’ve taken additional steps to prevent people based there from accessing it at this time. Europe continues to be an incredibly important market for Meta, and we hope to make Threads available here in the future.”

Earlier today, several EU-based users took to Twitter, sharing screenshots that indicated their inability to access the Threads app even when using VPN services. Notably, the Threads app extensively tracks users, as outlined in Meta’s privacy policy and the app’s iOS listing. These documents disclose the potential collection of a wide range of personal data, including highly sensitive information such as health and financial data, precise location, browsing history, contacts, and search history.

However, this data collection approach presents legal and regulatory challenges for Meta within the EU. Under EU data protection law, Meta must establish a valid legal basis to process such personal data legally, particularly for targeted advertising. This area of compliance has become increasingly uncertain for the company following a recent ruling by the Court of Justice.

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As Meta navigates the complex landscape of privacy and data protection regulations, the decision to block access to Threads via VPN for EU-based users reflects the company’s commitment to ensuring compliance and safeguarding user privacy. While the app remains unavailable in Europe for now, Meta continues to recognize the significance of the EU market and aims to make Threads accessible in the region in the future.

Stay tuned for updates on Meta’s efforts to address privacy concerns and comply with EU data protection laws, as the company explores avenues to bring the Threads app to European users while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data security.

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