Meta Threads Joins the Fediverse: A New Era of Social Networking

Meta has stepped into a new direction with its app, Threads. They made an exciting announcement last Thursday. Threads is now part of a big group called the Fediverse. This means if you are 18 or older and have a public profile in some countries, you can share your Threads posts with more people across different platforms.

Let me explain a bit about ActivityPub. It’s a smart way created by the World Wide Web Consortium. This way lets different social networks talk to each other. Thanks to ActivityPub, the Fediverse is a place where messages can move freely between networks. It’s a bit like how email works but for social media.

You might have heard of Mastodon. It’s a key player in the Fediverse. People join a Mastodon server but can still interact with users from other Mastodon servers. It’s very much like using any social network. You see posts from others, but your account is based on the server you choose.

Now, with Threads joining this open world, your posts can be seen on other networks that also use ActivityPub. But there’s a catch. If someone replies to your Threads post, you won’t see it in Threads. You have to visit the other platforms to see what people are saying.

The engineers at Meta, Christopher Su and Simon Blackstein, have shared their challenges and plans. They want Threads and the Fediverse to work better together. It’s not easy, though. For example, they are still figuring out how to show quote posts properly because every network in the Fediverse does it a bit differently.

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Meta is taking careful steps to integrate Threads with the Fediverse. Soon, you might see replies from other networks right in Threads. You could also follow people from these networks without leaving Threads. This means more conversations and connections across different platforms.

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This change is significant. It opens up new possibilities for us to meet and talk with more people. It’s also a big move for Meta. They are opening up to a world where social networks are more connected. This could mean a lot for how we share and interact online.

So, let’s get ready for a more open and connected social media world with Threads and the Fediverse. It’s an exciting time to explore and connect with a broader community.

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