Threads App to Gets Direct Sharing, Alt-Text, and Mentions

Threads, Meta’s platform aiming to compete in the social media sphere, is set to receive a host of new updates this week, as highlighted by a post from CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The forthcoming features include enhancements that could make the Threads experience even more engaging and versatile. Users will soon have the ability to directly share a Threads post with their Instagram Direct Messages, allowing for seamless sharing and interaction.

Additionally, Meta is introducing the option to include custom alt-text for photos and videos. This feature can provide a more inclusive experience for users who rely on screen readers, ensuring that the content’s context is accurately conveyed through descriptive text.

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Zuckerberg’s post also unveils a new “mention button” within Threads. This button simplifies the process of tagging or mentioning another user’s account in a Thread. By pressing the mention button, users can easily bring other individuals into their conversations or direct their attention to specific topics.

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To share a post through Instagram DMs, users can tap the paper airplane-like icon on the desired post. Adding alt text to photos and videos involves attaching media through the paperclip icon and then selecting the “Alt” button to include descriptive text. As for the mention button, it seems to facilitate user mentions by entering the @ symbol followed by the username or selecting from suggested options.

While these updates are indeed welcome additions, many users are likely still anticipating more substantial changes, such as the introduction of a web client and enhanced search functionality. Fortunately, Zuckerberg assured users that these highly anticipated features are on the horizon and will be arriving in the “next few weeks.”

As Threads continues to evolve and integrate these new enhancements, users can look forward to a more feature-rich and dynamic social media experience.

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