Threads App to Prioritize Search Over Hashtags, Says Adam Mosseri

In response to a user’s comment, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, revealed that the Threads app will be focusing on implementing search functionality ahead of hashtags. The decision comes after acknowledging the problems that hashtags have caused over the years and considering user feedback on their usage.

The user, Justine, expressed her preference for a hashtag-free experience on Threads, suggesting that hashtags could be made invisible or limited to a few choices, similar to topics when posting a reel. In reply, Mosseri confirmed that the Threads development team is taking these suggestions into account.

“We’re certainly going to build search before hashtags, which have caused a lot of problems over the years. They seem to be a feature that a minority of people really want, and most people don’t use much…” stated Mosseri in his response.

This strategic decision highlights Instagram’s commitment to continuously improving user experience on the Threads app. By prioritizing search functionality, Instagram aims to offer a more seamless and efficient way for users to discover content and engage with the platform. While hashtags have been a common tool for content discovery, their potential impact on user experience and the preference of the majority of users have led Instagram to reconsider their role on Threads.

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The move towards enhancing search capabilities aligns with Instagram’s broader mission to create a more intuitive and user-friendly platform. As the development progresses, users can look forward to a more refined experience on Threads that prioritizes relevant and personalized content discovery. Adam Mosseri assured users that their feedback remains valuable and that more updates are on the horizon to further improve their experience on the app.

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With this approach, Instagram aims to strike a balance between meeting user preferences and evolving its features to align with the changing needs of its diverse user base. As Threads continues to grow, Instagram’s commitment to enhancing the app’s functionality and user experience remains at the forefront of its development strategy.

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