Threads by Instagram: Introducing Draft Saving & In-App Photography

Instagram’s Threads has some exciting news! Now, you can save your drafts and take photos right in the app. This makes sharing moments quick and easy. Adam Mosseri from Instagram shared this update. He wants to make sharing fun and simple for everyone.

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Adam Mosseri Share new Feature of Threads to allow users to save drafts, snap photos
Adam Mosseri Thread Post Screenshot

What’s New in Threads?

Threads has been working hard to give you what you asked for. After testing these features with some users, they’re now ready for you. Mosseri says this is all about making Threads the best place for you to express yourself.

Saving drafts is a game-changer

Ever had a great post idea but no time to share it right away? Threads now lets you save that idea as a draft. This means you can come back and post it whenever you’re ready. Right now, you can keep one draft saved. It’s perfect for when you want to get your post just right.

Taking photos is super simple

With Threads, snapping a photo is as easy as tapping the camera icon. You can share your photo instantly or save it for later. This feature is all about making it quick and fun to share your life with friends.

Looking to the future

Threads is not just keeping up; it’s setting trends. By adding these new features, Threads shows it listens to you and wants to make sharing as enjoyable as possible.

In conclusion, Threads is making sharing your stories and moments more straightforward and more fun. With draft saving and in-app photo taking, you’re all set to capture and share life’s best bits. These updates make Threads an even cooler place to hang out and express yourself.

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