Threads by Meta to Add Following Feed, Edit Button, and Post Search

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram and Threads, recently took to Threads to share exciting news about the platform’s upcoming updates. In his post, Mosseri expressed his enthusiasm for the rapid influx of users over the past six days and provided insights into the team’s focus and priorities moving forward.

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Acknowledging the remarkable surge in user growth, Mosseri highlighted the team’s unwavering dedication to maintaining a smooth user experience by focusing on stability and bug fixes. However, he assured users that attention is now being directed toward addressing the notable missing features that have been widely requested.

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Among the key features mentioned, Mosseri highlighted the implementation of a following feed, an edit button, and post-search functionality. The introduction of a following feed will allow users to access a dedicated space where they can easily discover and view posts exclusively from the accounts they follow, fostering a more personalized and engaging experience on Threads. The highly anticipated edit button will empower users to make necessary modifications to their posts, ensuring greater flexibility and accuracy. Additionally, the post-search feature will enable users to swiftly locate specific content within the app, facilitating convenient retrieval of posts of interest.

Mosseri humbly acknowledged the team’s ambitious undertaking, stating, “We’re clearly way out over our skis on this.” Nevertheless, he conveyed the team’s excitement and motivation to deliver these long-awaited improvements. Users can anticipate a series of enhancements set to be shipped as early as this week, signaling the team’s commitment to continuously elevate the Threads experience.

As the Threads user base continues to grow at an impressive pace, the announcement of these upcoming updates reflects Meta’s dedication to listening to user feedback and prioritizing the development of essential features. With the team’s enthusiastic drive and focus, users can expect a more refined and seamless private messaging experience on Threads.

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Stay tuned for further updates as Threads by Meta evolves and integrates these exciting new features. The team’s dedication to shipping improvements underscores their commitment to meeting user expectations and ensuring Threads remains a premier platform for intimate connections and engaging conversations.

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