Threads by Meta to Introduce Chronological Home Feed

Threads, the private messaging app developed by Instagram, is exploring the possibility of introducing an alternative home feed dedicated solely to posts in chronological order. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, recently shared that the company is considering this feature to address user feedback.

Currently, Threads presents a mix of recommended content and posts from the accounts users follow. However, many users expressed frustration with the absence of a feed showing posts exclusively from their followed accounts in chronological order. Acknowledging this feedback, Adam Mosseri confirmed that the alternative home feed was “on the list” of potential additions to Threads.

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Meta (formerly Facebook), reportedly supported the idea, giving it a “thumbs up.” This suggests that Meta is actively considering implementing the requested feature to enhance user satisfaction.

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The Threads app was initially released as an “initial version,” indicating that more features and improvements were planned. Adam Mosseri also shared additional features on their development roadmap, including the ability to edit posts, translation options for different languages, and seamless switching between multiple Threads accounts.

While Threads can be accessed through the web via, the absence of a desktop interface has been noted. Users can only create posts through the app. However, Adam Mosseri assured users that the company is actively working on developing a desktop interface to address this limitation.

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In addition to these planned updates, compatibility with other apps, such as Mastodon, was under consideration. However, it seems this particular feature has encountered resistance along the way, and its implementation remains uncertain.

Threads by Meta continues to evolve and refine its offerings based on user feedback and demands. Users can look forward to an improved experience with the introduction of a chronological home feed, post-editing capabilities, language translation, and other enhancements. The development of a desktop interface is also in progress, enabling users to access Threads seamlessly across different devices.

Stay tuned for further updates as Threads by Meta continues its journey of growth and refinement, bringing new features to enhance private messaging experiences.

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