Threads Desktop Gets a Fun Upgrade: Native GIF Search and Posting

Threads has added native GIF search and posting on the web. This update is a game-changer for us who love using Threads through our desktops.

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Let me walk you through this awesome news. Back in October, Threads brought GIFs to its app users. Now, they have taken it a step further. You can search and post GIFs directly on the desktop version of Threads. How cool is that?

When you hop onto Threads on your desktop, you will see a notification at the top of your feed. It tells you all about this new feature. Look for the GIF icon in the composer on the web. Click on it, and you dive into a world of GIFs!

Before this update, you could add GIFs by attaching them as images. It worked fine but was not as smooth as we wanted. Now, with the built-in GIF search and posting feature, everything is easier. You can find and attach the perfect GIF to your Threads updates without any hassle.

Are GIFs going out of style? Maybe, but they are still a fun way to express our feelings and reactions online. And with this update, Threads gives us the power to use GIFs more freely in our web posts.

For those of us who love adding that extra spark to our posts with GIFs, this update is a blessing. It makes the web version of Threads even more fun to use. So, let’s enjoy this new feature and make our Threads conversations more lively and animated!

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