Threads for iPhone Gets Major Bug Fix for iOS 17

Just one week after its initial launch, Meta has swiftly rolled out the first update to Threads for iPhone. Threads version 291 introduces a significant fix that couldn’t have come at a better time.

For users running Threads on an iPhone with iOS 17 beta, there was a notable issue causing the app to crash consistently. Attempting to attach a photo or video to a post using the image picker would result in an app crash every time. However, a workaround existed for photos—good old-fashioned copy and paste. As for videos, users had to resort to using GIFs.

With the release of Threads version 291, the photo picker bug on iOS 17 has been successfully resolved. This fix comes at a critical juncture, as Apple has recently expanded iOS 17 testing from the developer beta to the public beta phase. The public beta offers an easier way for anyone to test iOS 17 without going through the developer registration process. Consequently, a significantly larger number of users will now be running iOS 17, making the bug fix all the more valuable.

This update also brings relief to those who have been enjoying Threads but were limited to sharing only a single pasted photo per post. With the bug fix implemented, iOS 17 users can now fully join the fun by posting up to 10 photos in a carousel format per post.

While the version 1.0.1 update for Threads doesn’t introduce iPad support or other highly anticipated features, it focuses on resolving the critical photo picker bug on iOS 17. In addition to this crucial fix, the release includes general bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

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Users can download the latest release of Threads from the App Store today. Please note that a force quit and relaunch may be required to fully benefit from this significant bug fix of the week.

Stay tuned for further updates from Meta as they continue to refine and enhance Threads, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable messaging experience for users.

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