Threads’ New Move: Trending Topics Now Available for US Audiences

I just found out about something cool Threads is doing. They’re making “trending now” a thing for everyone in the US. This is big because it started as a test but now, it’s for all. You can see what’s hot right now in two spots. One is the search page and the other is the For You Feed.

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Adam Mosseri from Instagram shared this update. He thinks it’s a neat way for us to catch up on what everyone’s chatting about on Threads. This is a step closer to what X does. It means we can all dive into hot topics and feel more connected. Before this, Threads felt a bit quiet. But now, we can all see what’s buzzing.

The folks at Meta explained to TechCrunch how this all works. It’s all about their AI checking out what gets us talking and clicking. It looks at lots of stuff, like how many are chatting about something or how many liked a post on that topic.

But, there’s a catch. Threads show just five trending things at a time. X, on the other hand, gives us more. Maybe Threads is playing it safe, keeping things tidy, and avoiding any mess with spam or other issues.

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