Threads Pays You for Popular Videos!

According to Meta’s support page, invited creators must make a public Threads profile and follow the rules of Instagram creator incentive terms and rules for bonuses on Instagram. The company specified that the performance of Threads’ posts (views) and the number of posts are some of the parameters for creators to receive bonuses.

Eligibility for Threads Bonuses

There are specific guidelines for what kind of posts would be eligible for the bonus program. For instance, one of the requirements states that a post must receive at least 2,500 views. Threads posts with copyrighted material, no text and boosted views won’t be eligible for bonuses. Meta adds that the content shouldn’t have a watermark of another platform such as TikTok or YouTube. Plus, the posted content shouldn’t be a brand partnership post.

Creators can check their earnings on the professional dashboard and they might need to earn a minimum amount to receive a payout. “In some cases, you must earn a minimum amount to receive a bonus payout. If you don’t reach the minimum amount, you will not receive any bonus payout, but you may be invited to participate in another bonus opportunity in the future,” the company explains.

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These new rules and incentives by Meta are a step towards encouraging more creators to join and engage on Threads. It’s an exciting time for creators looking to expand their reach and potentially earn bonuses for their content.

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