Threads Web Version Nearing Launch, Says Adam Mosseri

In a recent interaction on the Threads app, a user highlighted an observation about the availability of the Threads web version. The user’s post read, “Also, I think it’s been very clear since Threads launched that the internal people already have access to the web version of Threads and can real computers.”

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Threads Web Version Nearing Completion, Adam Mosseri Reveals

In response to this, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, shared insightful information. He stated, “I posted four replies the other day from the web and they came through as original Threads… it’ll be ready soon but it needs more work.”

This exchange sheds light on the progress being made towards the introduction of a web version for Threads. While the user’s comment alluded to a perceived disparity in access, Mosseri’s reply indicates that web functionality is indeed being developed and tested, allowing users to engage with Threads through traditional computers.

Although the specific launch date for the Threads web version was not provided, Mosseri’s assurance that it’s “coming soon” is a promising indication for those eagerly anticipating this expansion of the app’s accessibility. As Threads continues to evolve and adapt, the addition of a web version is expected to enhance user convenience and engagement. Stay tuned for further updates as Threads takes steps towards its digital expansion.

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